How did I use  Zbrush to add details and paint the texture of a model made in Blender.


  1.  Model in Blender.
  2.  Add details in Zbrush.
  3. texture painting in Zbrush.
  4. Bake normal map in Bender importing the modell from Zbrush.


Captura de pantalla (1202)
The red one was modelled in Blender with 8.000 polygons and imported in Zbrush to ad details. I went up to 2.000.000 vertex.
Then, back to Blender to bake the normal map to keep using the 8.000 vertex model.


The texture panting was made in Zbrush and the map was also created in zbrush, I also imported the texture map in Blender with the high detailed model.

Captura de pantalla (1211)Captura de pantalla (1208)

It is important to have  UV map of the model before importing it in Zbrush, so the two models ( low and high detail ) will be able to share maps.

Captura de pantalla (1205).png
Normal map was baked into Blender by setting the 2 models in the origin and using the Bake tool.