After 5 months, We have finally finished the course and deliver the videogame to be evaluated.

As a sum up of the experience, I had an exciting time developing thi videogame. But I would had liked to have less tasks in it so I could focus on doing my tasks better, My general feeling it is that everything is half way to be good. I am specially unhappy with theanimations , I was afraid of not having time and left the ones for the prototypes as the final ones, and the lack of quality is notorious.

On the other hand, this allowd me to get out of my confort zone and get more along with unity’s particles, lighting, materials, and animations. So, even if the final result of the videogame isnt at all what I was expecting I can say I learned a lot and feel way more confortable with the game engine. I am more able to work in a team also.

The main image of the videogame ( it is the featured image of the post) , was created in keyart workshop and the teacher helped a lot to the final result.

In order to make the main image Elena and her sword were remodeled