22/23 april


Last weekend I participated again in the game jam: Ludum Dare GC. We were a couple in our team: a programer( Airam Hernández) and me. And we also had the colaboration of a composer who provide us with the music of the game.
In th following paragrhaps I’ll explain a little the process and priorities I setted to develope the work in such a little time: 16 hours.

To help me next times in case of being confused I will make a pipeline just of the work I had to do on my own, so just the work after setting an idea focusing on a simple mechanic with my partner. I will put also the times I remember but I find important to say that this is not a final method. Its just a tip for next time, in case of being less focuss or having a bigger team.

 The Island design process work in 16 hours:  

  1. References mood board, for assets and character   This phase is extremly important to keep always the mind on the idea. also setting a pallete fo colours. ( 1 hour max )

  2. Quiqck Sketches. (15 min)

  3. Modelling Prototype environment. ( 5-10 min max)

  4. Modelling and key colors for  final environment.

  5. Assets: The less , the better, then if more needed just change a litle aspect of the original. ( phases 4 and 5 took me aproximetly 6 hours, it was the main phase of the project).

  6. Character Skecthes in phothosop is way faster than in paper. ( 15-30 min) 

  7. Modelling and Setting color materials. (1 hour)

  8. Riging and animations ( 1 hour 30 min)
    Regarding design, the videogame was finished the first day at 21:00. Except from the menus. What came the next day was polishing. 

  9. Baked Textures  and Texture Painting in Blender for important things. Texture painting in Blender is faster thanin photoshop and it helps focus on the important things. ( 1 hour)

  10. Fixing models. Modifing initial models that dont work well. The volcano had to be made againg.Of course this fixing phase it was only because the volcano is a main part of the videogame.  ( 1 hour)

  11. Creation of extra assets (1 hour)

  12. Work in Unity: Animations of the environment.(1 hour)

  13. Photoshop: creation of Menus and bottoms’s images . (1 hour)

At 17:00 the game was on itchio.io

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To sum up:

This time, I focused more on doing the environment, so the character, was made afterwards. Surprisingly for me, the result was much better than I could expected. It helped to keep the character as simple as possible, as well as its animations. Also and helped me creating interesting assets and shapes for the enviroment.

Other detail that I left as an extra work(in case of havin some more time) was the textures. At the end I only had time to make the necessary ones, as the floor of the lands or the leaves of the palms trees. But nothing else was needed and I considered more important to animate parts of the environment: the little rocks that dont intrectuate with anything and the smoke of the volcano in Unity.

Also I wasnt counting with the bottoms or menues I also had to work on. So, no time fore more textures, and I’m glad of the desition of leaving them for the end…that never came.

CHARACTER:  Since the sketches to the final poses. It only needed 2 animations: walk and dance. And the rig I used was the one that comes with Blender. It was perfect for what we needed and it helped us tu save time.

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In the following link you can download the game

Let’s see if you can get to the top of the volcano to complete the ritual before the land of the island starts to separate from the core! Good luck =)

The island videogame

Programer: Airam Hernández Araña

Composer: Omar Suillen González

Graphics: Paula Chicote Barrios