The map has also changed, I’ve added details like wooden columns and baseboards in order to be less plain and add some personality to the scene. This kind of details also helps when textures are not well setted.

There’s one more detail needed: to make the walls a little bit asymetrical. My idea is to put some random cubes matching one piece of rock with the same texture than the walls, and locate some in the scene. but beside that the map that is in the following picture is the final one.

Captura de pantalla (1059).png


For the lighting, first thing we have decided is that we wanted the place to be dark, illuminated by fire but keeping the cartoonist properties and not interfering in the game play. for that reason we could say there are two kind of lighting elements. first the

Main illumination:

We play with the advantage that there is no roof to our world and we can set some light to the world of the videogame that will affect our dungeon.

Captura de pantalla (1058).png


Decorative ilumination:

All the torches and lamps.

To make it look like the main illumination, the textures of all the characters and assets that are supposed to be affected by this light has an orange filter that unifies all.

The decorative illumination is also used to fill the space due we barely have assets to fulfill our dungeon. this was an intentioned issue, we liked it better in a minimalist aesthetic that allows the player focus on fight the enemies.


Lamps  are made by the mesh, an particle system  , and a light point.

To save resources and due to the main illumination we decided to bake the illumination f the torches on the wall.

The main problem  of mixing this two kind f illumination was to control the shadows that don’t adjust to the origin of the light.


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