The executioner that we were using in the prototypes wasnt bad designed, not that badly animated but I made one mistake that couldn be fixed. The subdivision suf. modifier was applied automatically in the exportation and the num of vertex was exagerated. So I had to start from the beggining. It was going to be necessary anyway because in the final models of the enemies we wanted to cut their heads and arms. For that reason, the meshes are divided.  We attempt to kill the enemies by dismember them:

Captura de pantalla (1052)Captura de pantalla (1057).png

num of vertex of the the executioner ( including the ax): 2.300 vertex


Aesthetics changes :

We have made son aesthetical decisions that helped us to follow a design line. first of all we have quit the noised textures and applied color methods in which details like blood splatters are very big and shaped avoiding noise appearance but keeping the level of detail. this also helped underlining the cartoonist feeling.

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For that reason the textures for characters and assets have been remade in order to adjust to the following rules:

-No noise

-Thick lines

-Mate colors

Also the colors like the hood of the executioner has changed from blue to purple, we werent following the pallet as much as we should . this way we play with the concept of the main character and the enemy by inverting the colors of the palette without having to add more color.

Captura de pantalla (1047)